Response to Brad: Beiber!


One thought on “Response to Brad: Beiber!

  1. cdysart101 Post author

    I agree with Brad. Orlando zbloom is 37 years old! 37!! He should not be throwing punches in a club, much less at Justin Beiber. Beiber is after all still practically a child. Bloom has still been riding off his early career success and tabloid coverage of his first marriage to Adriana Lima. This kind of association will haunt him for some time and take away from any career advancement he would like to make.

    Beiber also seems to not give two sticks what I am sure his publicist is telling him. He is still facing a possible felony charge, which carries mandatory prison time. Beiber has the advantage of youth; he could easily turn this around. He needs to take the advice of Miley Cyrus: party at home, and pay people to keep you out of trouble. What he needs is to get out of the spotlight for a significant period of the time. The public has grown weary of his exploits and overexposure will hurt his career and sales down the road. If he disappears for awhile, he can return, and remind people that he can indeed sing.


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