Colorado Brings Pot to the Fair

Colorado is a petri dish experiment for how legalized recreational marijuana can work out. So far, so good. Now the state fair’s are getting in on the action. The Denver County Fair is holding competitions similar to rose-medal competitions. It’s purely visual based and people are not allowed to consume pot on fairground property. 

There is also joint rolling competitions, and awards for superior paraphernalia: bongs, clothes, household goods, etc. 

Colorado has done an excellent job at keeping their image in a good place during this interesting transition. It is not trying to boggle things up, like Washington has, with extraneous laws and restrictions. It’s listened to the voice of the people and followed suit. This County Fair scenario shows marijuana, like liquor, has a place in events and can be administered safely and shrewdly.  Hopefully, Washington can get on the same page of transparency and friendliness soon. 


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