Apple rolling with the beat: Cuts 200+ positions.

In May of this year, Apple acquired through a 3 billion dollar price tag Beats headphones. The company was started by rapper Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine. The company had at the time of sale 700 employees. This will be trimmed down to about 500. Apple, when it acquired the company initially promised no jobs would be lost. 

As it turns out, the majority of the positions will be where there is significant overlap. Apple will retain most of the creative personnel and eliminate more streamlined positions, i.e. human relations, payroll, assistants, etc. Apple has to deal with a lawsuit filed on behalf of Bose who feels Beat’s infringed on their copyright laws. Finally, Apple will have to do major conversion to adept existing Beat’s technology to make it compatible with their running operations. 

Apple is huge, and like any enormous entity is going to want to get their hands on hot commodities. Beat’s is a hot one. But as company acquires others it opens the window to the possibilities of new PR crises. The singular vision of your company is no more, and now you have to find ways of keeping yourself afloat and managing many identities. Any flack Beats gets, will also fall on them.





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