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Response to Brad: Beiber!


Class Prompt: writing blogs

Writing blogs for 470 has been a pleasant experience. I liked how I was able to pick my own topics and run with it. I got to look at a wide variety of topics in the news & media, so that was extremely exciting! 

I want to start a new more professional blog after this experience. I want to have a platform for my writing and a way to keep myself always growing as a writer. This will also mean I will keep in check with what is going on in the world. A blog is just like an op-ed. You can dissect current news by relaying in and layering your own thoughts and commentary. It is a good way to really understand how you form the opinions you hold. You can see them laid out in front of you. It is also just another great way to appreciate your first amendment rights in an everyday way, I know I take them for granted all too often. 

Fox News calls Andi a slut. What else is new?

Andi Dorfman, the latest “Bachelorette” recently had a bit of dust up in the finale, when contestant Nick, asked her why she made love to him if they were not going to end up together. The clip was replayed on Fox News, and Five panelist had the audacity to call Dorfman a slut.

Bob Beckel was immediately taken to task by his female panelists who accused him of being a double standard for all of his own sexual exploits. Fox News is continually in the news for these kinds of offensive comments made on behalf of its personalities. They keep their audience of white old male conservatives and advertisers of Viagra happy, but are hurting themselves in the long run. This audience will dry up and die and who will be they left with? They need to get on the right side of history soon and stop allowing this kind of appalling behavior.

Colorado Brings Pot to the Fair

Colorado is a petri dish experiment for how legalized recreational marijuana can work out. So far, so good. Now the state fair’s are getting in on the action. The Denver County Fair is holding competitions similar to rose-medal competitions. It’s purely visual based and people are not allowed to consume pot on fairground property. 

There is also joint rolling competitions, and awards for superior paraphernalia: bongs, clothes, household goods, etc. 

Colorado has done an excellent job at keeping their image in a good place during this interesting transition. It is not trying to boggle things up, like Washington has, with extraneous laws and restrictions. It’s listened to the voice of the people and followed suit. This County Fair scenario shows marijuana, like liquor, has a place in events and can be administered safely and shrewdly.  Hopefully, Washington can get on the same page of transparency and friendliness soon. 

Apple rolling with the beat: Cuts 200+ positions.

In May of this year, Apple acquired through a 3 billion dollar price tag Beats headphones. The company was started by rapper Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine. The company had at the time of sale 700 employees. This will be trimmed down to about 500. Apple, when it acquired the company initially promised no jobs would be lost. 

As it turns out, the majority of the positions will be where there is significant overlap. Apple will retain most of the creative personnel and eliminate more streamlined positions, i.e. human relations, payroll, assistants, etc. Apple has to deal with a lawsuit filed on behalf of Bose who feels Beat’s infringed on their copyright laws. Finally, Apple will have to do major conversion to adept existing Beat’s technology to make it compatible with their running operations. 

Apple is huge, and like any enormous entity is going to want to get their hands on hot commodities. Beat’s is a hot one. But as company acquires others it opens the window to the possibilities of new PR crises. The singular vision of your company is no more, and now you have to find ways of keeping yourself afloat and managing many identities. Any flack Beats gets, will also fall on them.