New Face of Jimmy Choo

Ambassadorship in fashion brand image is everything. In a digital visual era, a name to a face is a vital component. You would be hard pressed to find a fashion house without famous model, actress, socialite attached at the hip.

Jimmy Choo is famous for its stylish sleek and expensive high heels. The fashion house and the namesake himself are some of the most well known in luxury footwear. For the past year the brand has used Nicole Kidman as the centerpiece of its ad campaigns. Kidman appeared in ads for the designer and was seen wearing them on the red carpet. She even had a pair on when she was knocked down by a paparazzo last year during fashion week. Talk about loyalty.

In a business that changes constantly, Kidman is out and Catherine McNeil is the new face. The two ladies are Australian, and that’s where their similarities end. Most notably Kidman is 47 and McNeil is 25. McNeil comes to the brand with some baggage. She has a party reputation and is infamous for indecent exposure on Instagram. That being said, she is one of the top models in the world. To name a few, she has worked with Barney’s, Dolce and Gabbana, YSL, etc. Her widely tabloid reported romances means the brand must be moving into a new direction after skipping out on clean cut Kidman. It will be interesting to watch how this turns out.



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