Microsoft throws employees out the window

With a new CEO under its belt, Microsoft is looking to change up the game. The tech company, once considered untouchable, has struggled in recent history. It is seen as archaic and hard to use and ,frankly, unhip. So what to do? As mentioned the company is under new leadership: Satya Nadella. Nadella has been working diligently to distance himself from his predecessor Steve Ballmer. Ballmer had a poor reputation and was decisively ripped to shreds by Vanity Fair several years ago. Ballmer was notorious for killing off promising products, which Microsoft’s competitors were able to seize upon.

Nadella, with the acquisition of Nokia, is laying 10,000 employees. Originally most thought the layoffs would be centered on former Nokia employees during the absorption. But it is now confirmed 5,000+ will be from in-house. This is going to be the real first test of Nadella’s time at Microsoft. This is going to hamper the image of Microsoft in the community. How he will rationalize this will be interesting to see.


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