Keith Urban crazy fans

EDM is usually associated with mayhem in the concert setting, but it seems country music isn’t immune either. On Saturday Urban’s Boston Concert entailed 22 goers being hospitalized and another 50 were in protective custody. It believed that alcohol was the major factor in such. Urban briefly acknowledged the incident on Twitter. Joint local medical and police forces each released statements. Finally, a representative from Live Nation also acknowledged the incident with well wishes.

It is a highly disturbing incident, but who is to blame? Logically one could point the finger at the attendees for not controlling themselves. Also the venue could be held responsible for not enforcing strict drinking measures and protocol. These drunk people are not only a threat to themselves, but children and youth at the show. Current measures are obviously not working as evidenced by this and the Avicii incident earlier in the summer. Hopefully something can be done about this. If not someone is going to die at one of these, and then they will have a real crisis on their hands.


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