Malaysia Airlines

It has not been a good year for the airlines. First, a jet of theirs disappeared. Now, another this past week was shot down in tumultuous Ukraine. The first crisis was their own issue, this one not so much. Even still the airline is going to have a hard time getting people back onto their planes. On NPR this week I heard a story about the recent crash and officials from the airline say the drop in ticket purchases is only going to get worse. 

The airlines can use this tragedy to help fix some damage from the dissapearence. People were angry in March when they could not get anything but cryptic information about their missing loved ones. The airliner needs to work with government agencies to be as transparent as possible. They need to aid and assist removing bodies from the crash and working with families as intimately as possible. This could go a long way in helping people feel better about flying on their jetliner.



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