Fed-ex delivers drugs


Fed-Ex is being indicted at the end of the mouth under charges the shipping company knowingly shipped illegal drugs for a group of illegal pharamicies. The DEA and others assert the company had full knowledge of what was going on. Couriers in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee reported to the company safety concerns after suspicious delivery requests. The company’s spokesman and head of communication has hit back that the seer number of delivers the company carries out on a daily basis makes it literally impossible to scrutinize for this kind of illegal activity. They also have countered with a claim they request from government agencies information pertaining to known illegal drug outfits, and when they know who these people are, they immediately cease delivery to the locations. 

The fact that Fed-ex has made deliveries to other companies associated with illegal drug activities is very problematic. There are going to be logistics to large scale drug trafficking and the company needs to work with the DEA and others to stop this kind of activity. Their drivers should never have to fear for their own safety; that is unacceptable. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the hearing and what policy changes, if any, occur. 


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