Depressed Detroit

Detroit was once a gleaming American city. Now it is bankrupt, and 30 percent of the population lives under the poverty line. It is estimated that billions would need to be invested to remove all of the ruined buildings and other signs of decay. There has been some small signs of progress. General Motors is doing alright and people are moving in around the plant. The Obama administration has made good on promises for relief. The bankruptcy is moving along and some major debts are being resolved.

What will it take to fully rejuvenate Detroit? Crime is flourishing while building sit vacant. The desperate can use these houses to steal valuable materials to sell for drugs. Houses for families become flop houses overnight. 

Detroit needs to rally its community together. Certain wealthy neighborhoods are coming out of the crisis intact for obvious reasons. If citizens can organize and show a community spirit, that could become a new brand image for the city to grab onto. If these community groups could come together, you can create a powerful voice which will resonate across the country. City leaders should try to engage social media for groups of people who live in blighted areas. As community they can come together in a viable platform to make their voice heard. If they can demonstrate they want to save the city, other powerful people around the country can take notice, and perhaps a national movement can start. 


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