Class Prompt: Kansas isn’t just twisters

I picked what I would consider a very dull state to visit. Kansas. I have never been there but from my conversations with people who have, I’m not missing much. But they are a state as much as the other forty nine. The Kansas Tourism website is a mixed bag.  The slogan for the tourism board is: “There’s No Place Like Kansas” How original. That being said the website contains a very easy to use interactive trip planner. As you add more details of your interests and available cash, personalized suggestions pop up.

Kansas is a major hunting destination and a good portion of the website is dedicated to the sport. There is helpful links which correspond to your hunting pursuits. They also have an entire website dedicated to rural tourism Who knew there was such a thing? It is a good humored way to encourage people to explore hidden gems in the state. It was refreshing when they open with, “people say there is nothing to do in Kansas.” 

The Facebook and Twitter pages are alright, but could use more personalized content. The content is cute but not particularly engaging. How many cute kids are out there? A billion and one, and it is a cheap ploy. 



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