Tracy Morgan Vs. Wallyworld

Tracy Morgan, the well known sometimes controversial comedian was nearly killed last month in a deadly limo crash. Morgan’s friend and colleague James McNair died in the crash which sent Morgan to the hospital for nearly month. Morgan has since been released.

The responsible driver was, according to reports, almost at his drive limit and was employed by Wal-Mart. Morgan filled suit this last thursday against the corporation for negligence. Wal-Mart issued a generic blanket apology concerning the crash.

This will be an interesting story to follow. Wal-Mart has continually shown themselves to be a loathsome company in all aspects. They treat their employees like second class citizens, have a terrible environmental record, and are all around predatory in a nasty way. But throughout it all, they keep trucking with high profits. Will this finally be a true chink in their armor? Probably not, people use low prices as leverage turn their cheeks away from wrongdoing. If in this instance, it comes to light Wal-Mart was bullying its drivers for efficiency, even though his health was compromised, what then? I think nothing short of the CEO killing kittens on the internet will get people to stop shopping there. 



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