Katherine Heigl and difficulties

When you tell people “I’m not difficult” it usually an indication you are. Katherine Heigl is attempting a career renovation after a sustained period of foot-in-the-mouth faux pas. She drew heavy criticism for remarks made to Vanity Fair about her role in the hit film “Knocked Up.” Her most famous words were in an interview several years ago about her departure from the popular television series “Grey’s Anatomy.” The show is attributed with making Heigl a household name. Heigl stated she wasn’t being challenged by the material and felt it was right to not submit her work for Emmy consideration, and ultimately leave the series.  

Since then, Heigl has become notorious for ill behavior with coworkers and for the antics of her mother Nancy, whom manages Heigl. Heigl is attempting to reestablish herself after a string of unsuccessful film roles. A reporter on a recent panel asked Heigl to comment on the talk of her being difficult to work for. She responded with disbelief claiming she does not see her or her mother as difficult to work for.

Naturally it was not the best move for the fragile position she occupies. Heigl’s new show is considered one of the last chances she has to restart her career. Why oh why did her publicist not coach her? She has to know what people think of her. This situation could have been a great opportunity for her to display some humility and it was sadly squandered. 

Credit: http://gawker.com/reputed-difficult-person-katherine-heigl-doesnt-think-s-1604421844


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