Class Prompt: Blackfish

Blackfish is a highly incendiary documentary which aims to expose abusive practices done on the part of waterparks against killer whales kept in captivity. The film draws many interviews of trainers and other personal who either committed or were witnesses to the alleged abuse. CNN produced and distributed the documentary through their respective channel and the film was given a small theatrical release. The alarming subject matter opened a public debate about whether the existence of things like SeaWorld was in any way shape or form ethical and/or moral. 

Seaworld’s attendance is declining. However, Goldman Sach’s in its financial write-ups for the film did mention Blackfish as a factor in said decline. The park is also having to defend itself in the wake of a film’s which has affected many people’s attitudes. 

Seaworld created a section on its website devoted exclusively to refuting claims made by the movie. It’s central arguement is that the film tries to paint all human captivity of animals as wrong, and so they argue: well, what about zoo’s and aquarium’s? 

They also point out the documentary uses subjects who had little to no contact with the whale who was the centerpiece of the film.


They have made some critical errors. They posted a picture on their twitter trying to show how they care for the mother-child bond of whales, but in reality the whales had been separated. 

Also they brought penguins to a bar, another fiasco. 

credit :–521507954.html


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