Hobby Lobby and the beginning of its end

The recent decision handed down by the Supreme Court is in the court’s words not meant to set a precedent, but most assuredly will. The June 30th decision that Hobby Lobby did not have to cover contraception under Obamacare aftereffects on the reputation of Hobby Lobby and what other like minded corporations will do in response, should be very interesting and fiery. 

The first pressing factor is how this company will deal with taking a very controversial issue and nakedly making clear their position. This decision based on, in their words, “religious preferences” will only impact their female employees. They believe it is within their rights to deny certain contraceptive measures. The original structure as set forth by Obamacare, provisions which were approved by the Supreme Court, ironically; required employers to provide for anything FDA approved.


Hobby Lobby is embroiling themselves in a sticky issue which will damage their reputation in the long run, and out themselves on the wrong side of history. It goes beyond abortion or pro choice. They believe it is their constitutional right to tell their employees how to conduct their lives. This ego driven move will land them in a hole and will put them in the line of fire with leaders of progressive social causes for years to come. When Hobby Lobby is brought the first thought won’t be arts and crafts, and this will only grow in size in years to come.

credit: http://www.dallasnews.com/business/columnists/mitchell-schnurman/20140705-hobby-lobby-hangover-let-us-choose-our-health-coverage.ece


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