Class Prompt: Ethics & PRSA

Read and reflect on the PRSA Code of Ethics. What is your personal perception to it? Do you think it is still relevant? Are all these areas automatically part of us or do they need to be taught? What are the 6 parts of the Code of Ethics? Do you personally believe you can follow all of the areas of the Code? Are there any times that would challenge you to follow the code?

The PRSA Code of Ethics is an important reminder of the unique position one holds as a PR professional. Public Relations means you are standing in the middle of the river. On one side stands a client you represent, and on the other, the greater public. You have important duties to either side, duties which are not subservient to the other.

These are relevant items and should be taught to all those with an interest in the field. PR works heavily in a medium which is still defining how ethical to operate, the internet. PR people should hold themselves at higher level than your average internet user. They must take not part in multiple identities and feed into channels whose goal is to spread fake, harmful information. This, importantly, must incorporate into how he or she conducts his or her own private life. The way you interact in a public forum with friends and loved ones must not contradict your duties to client and the public as a whole.

The six keys values of the code: advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness are foundational elements of a quality PR person. These tenants should be kept in mind for everything  you do. The best way to incorporate them is to never treat anything you do as simple or benign. Your words and how you interpret other’s words always mean something and carry significance. It is never just yourself on the chopping block. Every time you speak, you speak for fellow PR professionals, your client, and the greater industry the client is apart of.


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