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In response to Keith Wald

I agree McDonalds is not quite as untouchable as they once were. Chipotle has really been increasing its profile as of late. They are advertising aggressively and pushing the health conscious angle to their advantage. In terms of how should McDonalds should respond will be interesting. They have tried diversifying their menu before with mixed results. People say the want healthier options and yet McDonalds claims the healthy options do not sell well. And to really change up their menu will require the chain to sacrifice some of their famous speed. To radically rethink McDonalds will be tough as they have so many locations. Chipotle is at an advantage because they are building their brand and business. What McDonalds could focus on is localizing its restaurants. Making them feel more community orientated could be some good pr for them.


Keith Urban crazy fans

EDM is usually associated with mayhem in the concert setting, but it seems country music isn’t immune either. On Saturday Urban’s Boston Concert entailed 22 goers being hospitalized and another 50 were in protective custody. It believed that alcohol was the major factor in such. Urban briefly acknowledged the incident on Twitter. Joint local medical and police forces each released statements. Finally, a representative from Live Nation also acknowledged the incident with well wishes.

It is a highly disturbing incident, but who is to blame? Logically one could point the finger at the attendees for not controlling themselves. Also the venue could be held responsible for not enforcing strict drinking measures and protocol. These drunk people are not only a threat to themselves, but children and youth at the show. Current measures are obviously not working as evidenced by this and the Avicii incident earlier in the summer. Hopefully something can be done about this. If not someone is going to die at one of these, and then they will have a real crisis on their hands.

Microsoft throws employees out the window

With a new CEO under its belt, Microsoft is looking to change up the game. The tech company, once considered untouchable, has struggled in recent history. It is seen as archaic and hard to use and ,frankly, unhip. So what to do? As mentioned the company is under new leadership: Satya Nadella. Nadella has been working diligently to distance himself from his predecessor Steve Ballmer. Ballmer had a poor reputation and was decisively ripped to shreds by Vanity Fair several years ago. Ballmer was notorious for killing off promising products, which Microsoft’s competitors were able to seize upon.

Nadella, with the acquisition of Nokia, is laying 10,000 employees. Originally most thought the layoffs would be centered on former Nokia employees during the absorption. But it is now confirmed 5,000+ will be from in-house. This is going to be the real first test of Nadella’s time at Microsoft. This is going to hamper the image of Microsoft in the community. How he will rationalize this will be interesting to see.

New Face of Jimmy Choo

Ambassadorship in fashion brand image is everything. In a digital visual era, a name to a face is a vital component. You would be hard pressed to find a fashion house without famous model, actress, socialite attached at the hip.

Jimmy Choo is famous for its stylish sleek and expensive high heels. The fashion house and the namesake himself are some of the most well known in luxury footwear. For the past year the brand has used Nicole Kidman as the centerpiece of its ad campaigns. Kidman appeared in ads for the designer and was seen wearing them on the red carpet. She even had a pair on when she was knocked down by a paparazzo last year during fashion week. Talk about loyalty.

In a business that changes constantly, Kidman is out and Catherine McNeil is the new face. The two ladies are Australian, and that’s where their similarities end. Most notably Kidman is 47 and McNeil is 25. McNeil comes to the brand with some baggage. She has a party reputation and is infamous for indecent exposure on Instagram. That being said, she is one of the top models in the world. To name a few, she has worked with Barney’s, Dolce and Gabbana, YSL, etc. Her widely tabloid reported romances means the brand must be moving into a new direction after skipping out on clean cut Kidman. It will be interesting to watch how this turns out.


Class Prompt

Every public relations student hopes to one day have the perfect internship. If you could create a “dream internship,” what would it look like? Where would you go? Which company would you work for? What would your responsibilities be?

My dream internship would be to work PR for the Cannes Film Festival. The Cannes Film Festival is held every year in the south of France and is one of the most important events for the international film community. The publicity and hype surrounding the event is immense. I would want to work during the actual festival, held every year in May. I would love to organize press junkets for specific films opening. The most fun would be to organize publicity for the opening film. The opening film is usually picked because it has that something extra which gets people more excited than usual. To work the red carpet for that would be a dream come true. Certain journalists and/or media people are picked for prime positions on the carpet so they can snag a star to interview. I would love nothing more than bossing those people around.

Depressed Detroit

Detroit was once a gleaming American city. Now it is bankrupt, and 30 percent of the population lives under the poverty line. It is estimated that billions would need to be invested to remove all of the ruined buildings and other signs of decay. There has been some small signs of progress. General Motors is doing alright and people are moving in around the plant. The Obama administration has made good on promises for relief. The bankruptcy is moving along and some major debts are being resolved.

What will it take to fully rejuvenate Detroit? Crime is flourishing while building sit vacant. The desperate can use these houses to steal valuable materials to sell for drugs. Houses for families become flop houses overnight. 

Detroit needs to rally its community together. Certain wealthy neighborhoods are coming out of the crisis intact for obvious reasons. If citizens can organize and show a community spirit, that could become a new brand image for the city to grab onto. If these community groups could come together, you can create a powerful voice which will resonate across the country. City leaders should try to engage social media for groups of people who live in blighted areas. As community they can come together in a viable platform to make their voice heard. If they can demonstrate they want to save the city, other powerful people around the country can take notice, and perhaps a national movement can start. 

Fed-ex delivers drugs

Fed-Ex is being indicted at the end of the mouth under charges the shipping company knowingly shipped illegal drugs for a group of illegal pharamicies. The DEA and others assert the company had full knowledge of what was going on. Couriers in Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee reported to the company safety concerns after suspicious delivery requests. The company’s spokesman and head of communication has hit back that the seer number of delivers the company carries out on a daily basis makes it literally impossible to scrutinize for this kind of illegal activity. They also have countered with a claim they request from government agencies information pertaining to known illegal drug outfits, and when they know who these people are, they immediately cease delivery to the locations. 

The fact that Fed-ex has made deliveries to other companies associated with illegal drug activities is very problematic. There are going to be logistics to large scale drug trafficking and the company needs to work with the DEA and others to stop this kind of activity. Their drivers should never have to fear for their own safety; that is unacceptable. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the hearing and what policy changes, if any, occur.