Response: Marketing a Relationship

This is a response to Darby Cox’s blog: Marketing a Relationship

This couple is far too good for the obnoxious dull car crash that was “The X Factor” Their talent is there, and the song is solid. My first comparison was to Matt and Kim in how they play off their actual relationship to create their music. I personally would probably jump off something tall if I had to spend that much time and effort with a significant other, but to each his or her own.

If anyone has played this game well,and who they could learn from, it is none other than Jay Z and Beyonce. Love or hate em’, you know what’s going down with them. The brilliant tactic they use is withholding from their public. They are able to sell their persona as one and the same. The fans think what they are getting is authentic, when in reality, it is just as carefully crafted as any part of it. Hopefully they can find something akin to what Beyonce did with her album. By dispensing with pre-release publicity she made the quiet drop have the tone of something personal; unadorned. Fans rejoiced to see Beyonce revealed, when she was anything but. Hopefully Alex and Sierra can develop a tactic to let the fans think they are getting the cake, while they sit back and actually eat the pieces.


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