Laying into Lana

Lana Del Rey. Love her, hate her, or confused by her; nonetheless to those following music, you”ll be hard pressed to find someone who does not hold a strong opinion of Lizzie Grant. Grant has crafted the indispensable alter ego of Lana Del Rey. Del Rey is a tantalizing package of old and new, glamour and grit, liberation and restraint. And most importantly, has a new album to promote.

So, in an act of timing too coincidental to be a coincidence, the black sheep pop princess has landed in hot water with a particular member of music royalty: Francis Bean Cobain. Cobain took public offense to comments Del Rey made in an interview for the Guardian. Del Rey responded she found death ‘glamorous’ as it has united her idols Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse.

Oops! Francis angrily responded via twitter how the glamour of death removed her father from her life, permanently. She later added she holds no animosity towards Del Rey.

While this may make a few headlines for bored gossip columnists, it is not in any way a crisis for Del Rey. I don’t think she spilled one drop of sweat, because she knows what she is doing. Her new album is titled “Ultraviolence” for a reason. She understands those who want her records; and there are plenty out there, want this sort of thing from her.

She knows hitting all the appropriate bad girl marks: self destruction, substance abuse, a proclivity for older men, aid and abet her cause. How much she really believes in what informs her lyrics will always be a question. And it is this eternal question which will fuel her persona and sales. So expect more winks, nods, and controversial banter to come.



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