Class Prompt

For most public relations students, summertime means more than just working a simple summer job or lounging poolside. Are you interning? Working as a freelance consultant? Starting a new project? Reading a book or two? What are your summer plans to keep your professional profile in tip-top shape?

For the summer I am taking my final batch of classes for my undergraduate degree and minor, and transitioning out of the college phase of my life. The classes I will complete for my summer quarter are some of the most involving of my college career. For my PR strategies course, I, along with a team of two other students, are crafting a PR campaign for a real client. Our campaign is in competition with two other teams in the class. In the final week of the class we will present our proposal. The client will select their preference, and the chosen one will be implemented in the fall. The proposed campaign will culminate everything I have acquired through my collegiate career. This will be a tremendous experience and will shape my portfolio invaluably.

In addition I will cultivate and contribute to a personal and professional blog. Over the summer I want to craft this blog into something beyond a class requirement. Writing, professionally and as pastime, is something I take great pride and pleasure in. This will behoove me to start writing in a public way, as I have been procrastinating over doing this for an embarrassingly long while. And I will never write in this naked and cloying fashion, again.




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