Adams Gets a Gold Star

Public image for every high profile actor is a unique three way conversion with the actor, the management, and the public. As much as any major film star may begrudge this, it is an essential truth and component of show business. 

As image and perception constantly shift and morph according to a plethora of factors, a prominent actor and/or entertainer can rise and fall in a teeter-toter fashion. Amy Adams proved how this practice informs everything you do; intentional or otherwise. 

Amy Adams is generally well regarded. She comes across as genuine and candid in her interviews and gains respect for keeping her private life, well, private. But her private life got into the press in the best way possible.

Onboard a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles, Adams vacated her first class seat to a U.S. serviceman. Adams did so without any hoopla, but ESPN 2 host Jemele Hill was a witness and tweeted the kind act out to her followers. And the rest is history.

Adams got a generous boost in publicity and reminder how once you are on the A list nothing you do is not susceptible to image formation. 



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