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Response: Marketing a Relationship

This is a response to Darby Cox’s blog: Marketing a Relationship

This couple is far too good for the obnoxious dull car crash that was “The X Factor” Their talent is there, and the song is solid. My first comparison was to Matt and Kim in how they play off their actual relationship to create their music. I personally would probably jump off something tall if I had to spend that much time and effort with a significant other, but to each his or her own.

If anyone has played this game well,and who they could learn from, it is none other than Jay Z and Beyonce. Love or hate em’, you know what’s going down with them. The brilliant tactic they use is withholding from their public. They are able to sell their persona as one and the same. The fans think what they are getting is authentic, when in reality, it is just as carefully crafted as any part of it. Hopefully they can find something akin to what Beyonce did with her album. By dispensing with pre-release publicity she made the quiet drop have the tone of something personal; unadorned. Fans rejoiced to see Beyonce revealed, when she was anything but. Hopefully Alex and Sierra can develop a tactic to let the fans think they are getting the cake, while they sit back and actually eat the pieces.


Adams Gets a Gold Star

Public image for every high profile actor is a unique three way conversion with the actor, the management, and the public. As much as any major film star may begrudge this, it is an essential truth and component of show business. 

As image and perception constantly shift and morph according to a plethora of factors, a prominent actor and/or entertainer can rise and fall in a teeter-toter fashion. Amy Adams proved how this practice informs everything you do; intentional or otherwise. 

Amy Adams is generally well regarded. She comes across as genuine and candid in her interviews and gains respect for keeping her private life, well, private. But her private life got into the press in the best way possible.

Onboard a flight from Detroit to Los Angeles, Adams vacated her first class seat to a U.S. serviceman. Adams did so without any hoopla, but ESPN 2 host Jemele Hill was a witness and tweeted the kind act out to her followers. And the rest is history.

Adams got a generous boost in publicity and reminder how once you are on the A list nothing you do is not susceptible to image formation. 


Gaga for controversy

Lady Gaga has made a name for herself by ruffling feathers time and time again. What is important about the latest media circus around her is how it differentiates from ofther well publicised ‘stunts’ and the like.

Image is just as important as album and ticket sales for a pop icon. The image presented for rabid fans and the greater public must be carefully crafted and maintained at all times. In the age of social media and all around media integration, it is both immensely easier and harder. Stars such as Gaga, and competitors: Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc. are directly able to communicate and also at disadvantage when digitally the public can rip them from limb to limb in mere seconds.

As stated before, Gage thrives on what I think of as the oxymoron of “well orchestrated controversy.” She can get people’s attention and ire but come away with renewed interest in her persona and musical output. But it seams she has been embroiled in a fickle situation not of her design, which may be the first alarming PR crisis of her career.

Her hit single of last fall, ‘Do what u Want’ had a glaring omission: no music video. Well, no publicly released music video. A video was shot. It involved two people who are not exactly in the best position: R. Kelly and Terry Richardson. Kelly is just as famous for his sultry ballads as for his sexual misdeed involving minors. Richardson, the video director, is a top fashion photographer and has been dragged through the mud by an endless stream of accusations related to sexual improprieties with his subjects. So, it is little wonder why Interscope records and Gaga kept the video out of the public eye. The darker undertones to this story are not easily digestible for Gaga or fans. However, TMZ leaked a clip of the video and it seems only a matter of time before the full video will surface. When and if it does, the way gaga goes about mitigating this will be extremely important for the longevity of her career.


Laying into Lana

Lana Del Rey. Love her, hate her, or confused by her; nonetheless to those following music, you”ll be hard pressed to find someone who does not hold a strong opinion of Lizzie Grant. Grant has crafted the indispensable alter ego of Lana Del Rey. Del Rey is a tantalizing package of old and new, glamour and grit, liberation and restraint. And most importantly, has a new album to promote.

So, in an act of timing too coincidental to be a coincidence, the black sheep pop princess has landed in hot water with a particular member of music royalty: Francis Bean Cobain. Cobain took public offense to comments Del Rey made in an interview for the Guardian. Del Rey responded she found death ‘glamorous’ as it has united her idols Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse.

Oops! Francis angrily responded via twitter how the glamour of death removed her father from her life, permanently. She later added she holds no animosity towards Del Rey.

While this may make a few headlines for bored gossip columnists, it is not in any way a crisis for Del Rey. I don’t think she spilled one drop of sweat, because she knows what she is doing. Her new album is titled “Ultraviolence” for a reason. She understands those who want her records; and there are plenty out there, want this sort of thing from her.

She knows hitting all the appropriate bad girl marks: self destruction, substance abuse, a proclivity for older men, aid and abet her cause. How much she really believes in what informs her lyrics will always be a question. And it is this eternal question which will fuel her persona and sales. So expect more winks, nods, and controversial banter to come.


Class Prompt

For most public relations students, summertime means more than just working a simple summer job or lounging poolside. Are you interning? Working as a freelance consultant? Starting a new project? Reading a book or two? What are your summer plans to keep your professional profile in tip-top shape?

For the summer I am taking my final batch of classes for my undergraduate degree and minor, and transitioning out of the college phase of my life. The classes I will complete for my summer quarter are some of the most involving of my college career. For my PR strategies course, I, along with a team of two other students, are crafting a PR campaign for a real client. Our campaign is in competition with two other teams in the class. In the final week of the class we will present our proposal. The client will select their preference, and the chosen one will be implemented in the fall. The proposed campaign will culminate everything I have acquired through my collegiate career. This will be a tremendous experience and will shape my portfolio invaluably.

In addition I will cultivate and contribute to a personal and professional blog. Over the summer I want to craft this blog into something beyond a class requirement. Writing, professionally and as pastime, is something I take great pride and pleasure in. This will behoove me to start writing in a public way, as I have been procrastinating over doing this for an embarrassingly long while. And I will never write in this naked and cloying fashion, again.